man i am tired of self-centredness, of the attitude of ‘me, me, me, everything is about me’.


i am annoyed by it. surely there must be someone out there who is annoyed by my self-centredness as well. sometimes my self-centredness is too subtle even for me to see it.

i mean, come on man, none of the human beings on this planet earth is to be the center of the universe. neither you nor me nor he nor she.

please let me rant~


i just wanna give thanks to the Big Daddy :D

when i went to bed last night, my mind was still awake. at the attempt to lure myself to sleep and to be less bored, i viewed all the photos stored in my cell. most of them were taken in the JC time, Youth time. and memories flooded back again. so nostalgic lol. there are a few photos i took during the Bishan time. such a lovely place to me :D. i will never forget how my ex-lg surprised me there with their food and sent me off to the airport before my flight. i love everyone of them HAHA! strangely enough, today, comments on the pictionary vid popped up. watching it again, i laughed till my face and ears went red LOL.

i miss the JC time and my JC friends as well. just wanna give them a ring and go for ice-cream or something. i miss how Huda and i would fangirl over some korean stuff or how she would go gaga over the guy in the basketball team LOL. also, Paul Chow’s GP lessons, 2.4km run for PE, the hot sun, the locker area i passed by every morning, climbing the school fence to save time but actually not, dreadful physics tutorials with the monotonous tutor, the canteen’s food, endless consultations with different tutors before the exams…

still, now i love my local church homegroup and my Hope caregroup ♥. they both are so encouraging, uplifting and accepting. i’m thankful that i am accepted as who i am [: they are siblings-in-Christ and friends who i’ve grown to treasure so much. tonight at the local church homegroup which is my last before going home for 3 months, i was prayed for. God has strengthened me so much and thank You for the words given. tomorrow night is cg with my hope southampton people and it will be dinner! ♥ [can’t wait for the tarts LOL]. even though we haven’t known one another for very long, God has definitely brought us so much closer. i wanna see the group grow, not only in numbers but also in the individual relationship with Jesus which is the most important (:  

to whoever is reading this,i don’t know who you are, but just remember that God loves you so so so so so much. Christianity is not a religion. we don’t need to do anything to be saved. God loves us so much that He gave us His son Jesus through whom we can have an everlasting relationship with Him [:

and i assure you that you will experience a new and wonderful life when you say yes to Jesus. [:

An Damaris <3 Jesus

well, i have abandoned this wordpress for so long! LOL. blame it on twitter *points finger* =P

i like the fact that there’s only me left in the whole house.

i like the fact that i have my own room and it’s quite sound-proof.

i get to cry my guts out.


i hate this feeling of loneliness engulfing me without me knowing why.

be strong, An. be strong.

God, i need Your help. i can’t do life on my own. i feel i’m so lacking.

i miss home. i miss people.

anyway, i will be fine. HEH! (:

this has got to be listened with earphones. playing it through speakers will deteriorate its beauty LOL. i’m serious! anyway, i demand a studio recorded version of this. a fan-recorded version like this doesn’t do Minnie justice HAHAHA~

gah~ i feel like i am fangirling too much on this ;___; but it’s such a sheer beauty, really!

it brings me back to my childhood, maybe the era between kindergarten and primary school. my mom used to listen to The Carpenters a lot along with Barbra Streisand, Richard Clayderman, ABBA, Celine Dion etc. the national TV channel would broadcast Yesterday Once More so often as the background music in their pretty lame music video featuring European scenes lol. it looked like a karaoke MV anyway. i wasn’t particularly a fan. it is just that hearing him sing this again makes me reminiscent here and there xD

i’ve got quite a long reflection but i’m just lazy to type. and it’s 3:02 a.m now and i’m having a lecture at 9, so it’s best to go offline now, do my quiet time, wash up and sleep.

anyway, i just wanna thank Jesus and say that i love Him a lot :D


An Damaris <3 Jesus

love is patient, love is kind.

it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

let this be the guidelines for me :D

An Damaris <3 Jesus

after 7-week Christmas break @_____@.

8th February 2011 marks the start of my new semester. honestly, i wasn’t very excited about it. firstly, it is because of my horrid timetable with school starting at 9a.m every day for 5 days a week, which means i’ve got no day-off! [i was like ‘whattheheck!’ when i saw the finalised timetable >”<]. secondly, all the 4 new modules sound darn boring and academic. surely there are gonna be loads of theories and readings and full-of-yawn 9a.m seminars and lectures GAH! there are no longer Finance and Responsible Management which were my favourites. basically, before going back to school for the first day, i just felt resentful and bored and unenergetic.

the night before was spent downloading handbooks of the new modules, printing off notes for lectures, looking for people who sell textbooks on the school portal and checking assignment deadlines. another uninteresting pre-starting point for school. i couldn’t even sleep until 4 a.m. it wasn’t because i was too excited and pumped up to sleep. my body clock is just messed up as it’s still in the holiday mode LOL. now it’s 2 05 a.m on wed and i’m nowhere near wanting to hit the sack lol!

besides, there are things which keep bugging me like people-related stuffs, God-related stuffs, family-related stuffs. a sense of uncertainty here and there ya know.

so, seeing myself so unsettled, i couldn’t take it anymore. i started to pray and tell God what i’d been feeling. ultimately, things aren’t in our control but His.

thus, i’ve decided to start this new semester with a joyful mindset. i know i’ve said this before that i’d study for God and with God. well, it’s time i rolled up my sleeves and got my hands dirty! i will do my best for God and with God x].

guess what? my first day back to uni was more than fab! it was sunny cheerily. the sky was blue. you’d appreciate them since what you usually get here is cloudy, cold and windy weather. i even perspired when i climbed back the hill home from town. there were 4 smoke trails on the same patch of sky when i was walking to the library! i managed to buy a like-new textbook at 9 quid :D. and the largest motivation God has given to me is my first ever First Class essay in uni i got back after school xDDDDDD. it was the essay that pulled my hair out LOL. did i not only write it at the very last minute but also fail to reach the word limit! :/ i was like ‘aiyah, whatever, just conclude, print off and rush to the faculty office already!’ LOL. anyway, thank You God for sustaining me through that horrible essay night and shock me with the grade i got. i am such a blessed kid. all honour and glory go to You Sir! ;D

this week is gonna be packed! and man, i can’t wait for thursday to visit Hope Southampton cg for the first time! xDDDDD

gotta sleep soon~ x)

An Damaris <3 Jesus

The King’s Speech is such an excellent production. it’s a must-watch! ;D

over this 2500-word essay which ridiculously weighs 70% of the whole module and is due this coming monday. and it’s already 1:42 a.m on sunday! i don’t know what to write. worse, i’m being so distracted and overwhelmed. what to research? )”:

2 minutes ago, i stumbled upon this vid! *fangirl moment* LOL